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September 30, 2011

Stock Making

Well… good news and bad news. The good news is I finally got a classmate to snap a photo of me in my uniform. The bad news? There are no words for how it makes me look, so I’ll save that for the end.

Last night’s class wasn’t that eventful, because we were learning the process of making stock. We learned about and made the four different types of stock: brown, white, fish, and vegetable. It was a lot of vegetable chopping and waiting around, with a little bit of chopping slimy, bloody fish carcasses. yummy.

cutting up the fish carcass
It was pretty gross, but not as gross as I thought it would be. Maybe because all the guts were already taken out? It was way harder to chop through the fish bones than I would have imagined. I had to really lean on my chef’s knife with all my weight to cut through the thicker portion of the fish at the top. The thinner parts could be chopped into small pieces with scissors. I probably shouldn’t admit this because it makes me sound like a real sicko, but it was kind of fun cutting the poor thing into pieces. I’m weird, I know.

Anyway, the chicken stock, the fish stock, and the vegetable stocks were all done by the time we left class because they take much less time to cook. The marmite (a white beef stock colored brown by simmering blackened onion halves in it) and the veal stock (made brown with roasted baby cow bones–poor little thing) take a lot more time, and actually have to simmer overnight so someone else is straining and labeling those for us today. Here’s a picture of my partner and my fish stock:

Fish Stock
I’m planning on making ratatouille for dinner tonight to practice that recipe (plus, it was so good!). At the end of the level we are all going to have to cook a few dishes, so I have to make sure that I can recreate the dish on my own. I think it’ll be easier to do that as I go, rather than make a million dishes the week before the practical exam. I’ll share the recipe and some photos on Monday.

And now I’ll leave you with the most attractive photo of me that has ever been taken. My mom said it brought tears to her eyes (she tried to convince me they were happy/proud tears but I know they were really from fright).