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October 17, 2011

Fish Night and Apple Picking

Fish night was actually much better than I had anticipated. It turns out the fish had already been gutted for us, so all we had to do was fillet them. There was no cutting out guts, eyes or the likes. It was really pretty clean and painless.

Dead Fish

I'm sorry this is gross, but the fish we filleted (is that right? sounds weird!)

We worked with both Bass and Tout and turned them into poisson en papillote (fish baked in parchment paper) and filet de truite a la grenobloise (sauteed trout, grenoble style) respectively. The fish baked in parchment paper was really fun and easy to make. It created such a soft, delicious and healthy (I think!) fish. We basically sealed up a fillet of bass with julienned celery, carrots and leeks, white wine and thyme and baked it for 7-8 minutes. The result was a perfectly puffed package that you then open in front of the diner for both a beautiful presentation and a waft of the aromas.
The trout was pan fried with an herby, brown butter sauce. I didn’t try it (terrible omission) and I didn’t take a picture of it because it was Saturday night and I was ready to get out of there. I was tired and had a friend visiting for the night.

Bass cooked in parchment paper

Bass cooked in parchment paper

We actually didn’t get out of class till after 11, because people took too long to cook their food and we had to do a review for our second test (which is tomorrow). It was very frustrating.

I went apple picking yesterday, and got a ton of apples. At first it seemed like there was nothing left. We literally couldn’t find an apple anywhere (but rotten on the ground!) until we asked someone. Apparently all the apples were hiding in the back right hand corner of the Orchard. Once we knew where to go, we had more than enough apples to lug back to the city with us.

apple orchards

The beautiful apple orchard

That means I’ll be spending my night studying and cooking something for dinner that requires apples. I’m thinking apple risotto with sausage or butternut squash and apple soup.

Which recipe would you make? Any other suggestions?